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Crystal Grids

Crystals are the Earth's natural storehouses of energy and information for healing and transformation. Julie is a graduate of Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy on the island of Kauai and teaches four levels of Crystal Healing Classes.  The cool thing about healing with crystals and stones is that you can do this for yourself anytime you need to come back into balance!  Call 512-448-2374 for dates of the next class.
         Level One:  Crystal Healing Basics/  Chakra Balance Layout, Chakra Charge
                   Layout, Flourite Octahedron Layout, Past Life Layout       
         Level Two:  Hematite Layout, Calcite Layout, Causal Chakra Activation Layout,
                  Unified Heart Chakra Layout
         Level Three:  (3)Aura Infusion Layouts, Creating Grids, Understanding Sacred 
         Level Four:  Light Body Layout, Ascension Layout,Archangel Layout, Galactic
                  Mayan Layout.
                                                                                                 Right now you can see pictures of some of Julie's Crystal Grids.  Crystals are storehouses of light, information and energy and connecting to a grid by gazing at it can give you healing energy.  If you are intrigued, you can Contact Us.   
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