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Oneness Blessing

The Oneness Blessing aka Oneness Deeksha, or simply Deeksha, comes at this time of radical evolution on our planet as a way to experience the Grace of That which is orchestrating everything - whether you want to call it God, Cosmic Intelligence, the Divine, or whatever. To experience this Grace is to find oneself on an accelerated path of self improvement, self revelation, and self realization that is, paradoxically, all about moving beyond the sense of being a separate self and toward appreciating one's connection to All That Is.

The Oneness Blessing is a powerful transfer of energy that gives the recipient an infusion of Divine Grace.  Like Reiki, it is a laying on of hands, but only to the top of the head. The blessing giver undergoes a specific process and an initiation.  Originally, the initiations were only performed in India, but currently they are being done in most major cities around the globe. After being initiated, the blessing giver is able to pass on this energy to others.  This transfer of energy opens the frontal lobe of the brain which is responsible for the experience of bliss and unity.  It also quiets the parietal lobe which is responsible for the feeling of separation. Most importantly, the Blessing gives one an experience of the Divine Presence and as a result, the receiver experiences the flowering of the heart.  Recipients of the Blessing report feeling deep compassion and a unity with all life. Regular blessings received over time result in heightened awareness and eventually full awakening.  Julie was initiated in India in January of 2006 and returned to India in March of 2009 for a deepening process. She includes the Oneness blessing in her Reiki classes and sessions,  Crystal Healing classes and sessions, and in ceremony during her Mayan astrology classes and public blessings on the bridge.  

To read more about the Oneness Blessing, you may go to the World Oneness Blog:

The Oneness Blessing is offered at many venues in Austin. To see the offerings, please visit:

Watch this amazing video of someone who is awakened and will give you a Oneness blessing at the end of this video! Enjoy!

Also feel free to Contact Us to experience the Oneness Blessing in a private setting. There is no charge and love offerings are gratefully accepted.