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Rest in Great Freedom

Candice O'Denver

Candice began formulating the Great Freedom teachings about 28 years ago after a profound and unexpected awakening occurred in her life.  Although she had been raised as a Catholic, much of the religious dogma she had rejected.  Her strong faith in God and deep connection with nature in childhood brought about a deep experience of "the oneness of all things". Candice had never practiced any kind of formal meditation, never met a guru, or had any esoteric spiritual training prior to her awakening. Then at 34, although extremely successful in her life, she realized that no matter how many successes she had, none would satisfy her. This led to a period of extreme crisis in which she experienced abject alienation and despair. No matter what she had learned from psychology, religion, philosophy, and other systems she had studied, none could offer any solace. She tried every remedy that had worked previously, including alcohol and marijuana, without any relief at all.  During this extended period of affliction,  she discovered that beneath all those states was a "basic state of pure awareness" which was free of suffering and gave immediate relief. She then gradually familiarized herself with that basic space by "resting as awareness for short moments, repeated many times".  Soon she was able to rest continuously for 10 days at which point, "awareness rose like the sun" and from then on, this peaceful state became her primary reality. Her discovery of this pervasive state of awareness and the complete relief in it, proved to be permanent.  From this, the Great Freedom teachings are now shared, offering a simple and direct path of realization.  The teachings are simple, self-explanatory, and clear at first hearing.  Several hundred hours of her talks on video, audiofiles, and books are available for free download on


Candice says that the true nature of the mind is infinitely expansive pure awareness.... space-like, primordially pure, and timelessly free. "It is naturally present in every moment and always at rest. This changeless pure awareness is our true identity and remains forever free.  It is the fundamental intelligence by which we know we exist."


Here are two of my favorite talks. The first one is auto biographical and she describes her personal journey and her discovery of the profound relief in resting as the all-encompassing awareness.  The second one is a satsang called "What is Looking?". Here Candice talks very clearly and succinctly about this all encompassing awareness. Enjoy!

Freedom to enjoy all states is available by taking a squirrel moment!  Byron Katie calls this "loving what is". Eckhart Tolle cals it "Now". Candice O'Denver calls it a "resting in the basic state".  She says,
"Why worry?  Be Happy!"