There is no greater love than the love of squirrels.
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The Squirrel Lady
of Town Lake

Julie Gallagher, the Squirrel Lady of Town Lake, provides the vision and inspiration for the Squirrel Planet website - including its aesthetic, its humor, and its passion.  Julie says, "Squirrels are my teachers.  They have taught me what true unconditional love is."
After spending years working with vibrational healing modalities, Julie began to work with squirrels in the fall of 2003. 
   "I noticed that when I would give an injured squirrel Reiki, the squirrel would heal much more quickly than humans.  I realized that the mind of a squirrel is free and without concerns.  They don't sit around and wonder if the treatment is working.  Therefore there are no obstacles to their experiencing complete healing.  They live in the present moment which is the only place healing can happen!"  Julie's love for squirrels is evident in her commitment to feeding the squirrels of Austin, especially those living on Town Lake. She can be found at the hike and bike trail about 4 to 5 times each week distributing pecans, sunflower seeds and corn to her furry tailed friends. Her passion for these amazing creatures has inspired her beautiful photos.  She has created a new genre of Squirrel Art.  She has an ebook on Amazon called "Squirrel Galactica: The Real Truth Comes Out".  She has an assortment of exquisite photos of squirrels that she has made into refrigerator magnets and greeting cards.  She has  created squirrel t-shirts and even a squirrel poster.  She has sold her work at South Congress' First Thursday. If you have a squirrel phobia, please call her to experience hand feeding a little squirrel at the Hike and Bike trail! Your fear with dissolve into squirrelove!

Click here for video:  All proceeds from the sales of her squirrel art go toward the care and feeding of Austin squirrels.  Questions? Contact Info.