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Welcome to Squirrel Planet!

 Squirrel Planet is where all little squirrels come from. It is the place where they are loved and protected.  It's the place to experience the love a squirrel has for all life. For indeed there is only ONE LOVE and everyone can tap into it.  Come to Austin, Texas, and tap into squirreluminosity ~ It's the fabric of the Universe!

 Commander Nut has become a legend in his own time. He is the Buddha Squirrel of Austin and is delighted to share his wisdom with visitors...
Please don't hesitate to come on by for some pure Squirreluminosity!

Squirrel Planet is about experiencing the Oneness of all life... friends, neighbors, families, animals, and ultimately all sentient beings. It's about respecting and honoring our planet - all the species (with some special attention to squirrels), and all of nature...  like trees, lakes, clouds, rainbows, sunsets, and crystals.

It's also about wonder and awe at nature and the universe - Mother Earth, Father Sun, all the stars and galaxies beyond, and all the stuff that's out there - and right inside us - that science doesn't know about yet.

Most of all, though, the Squirrel Planet is about fun and play!!! Welcome! Explore to your heart's content! Maybe then go and perform a random act of kindness for another person or feed a squirrel! And, in any case, have a really magical, cosmic day!!!


Look who's on the cover of the Squirrels Of Wisdom Calendar

for 2016

It's King AhkeNuten! He just flew in to let you know the calendars are here! YAY!

Your purchase of a calendar feeds, nurtures and supports orphaned and injured squirrels! God Bless You!



Nutkin loves being the calendar squirrel for September!

Squirrelady's New Song~

'Cause I'm Your Mom

Meet Pucy Pie

Meet little Pucy Pie! In March of 2015, my friend found Pucy lying in the street with a bloody nose. She brought her to me and Pucy received organic milk formula, Reiki healing, and lots of love! She's the picture of health and continues to grow and thrive! Pucy Pie will be released to the outdoors after the summer heat dies down! YAY Pucy!


You can make a donation to help feed the Austin squirrels by clicking on the DONATE button to your right!

Let A Little Squirrel Open Your Heart! 

Squirrels are becoming a big part of many peoples' lives because as people open their hearts, the old myths that folks believed about squirrels fall apart.  People are actually connecting with little squirrels by either feeding them by hand, or actually petting them on the head!   This website is all about various paths that lead to an experience of the HEART!   Simply feeling the touch of a little squirrel's paw can bring forth tears of love!    Visit the Overview page to see what's available.  If you have any questions or just want to talk about squirrels, click on Contact Us.

       WHAT'S NEW?

Satsang with Mr.Nut~


Squirrelady's New eBook!

The Squirrels' Message for 2012:

And don't miss Squirrelady's first book....

"Pete Takes Off His Coat"

The New Genre ~ Squirrel Nonduality!  http://www.squirrelplanet.org/inthesquirrelzone/literature/index.html

And believe it or not, little Pete showed up at the Hike and Bike trail!
Watch this video:



Upcoming Events:

Mooji (and friends!) Meetup
Every Thursday

10:30am - Noon
@ Squirrelady's Home


Mr.Nut's new website!

Learn about Squirrel Nonduality





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